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Hi All!
  I'm Nikki! Thanks for stopping by my little corner on this here interweb (;-p) where I take my Mommy Timeout. I just wanted to introduce myself and give a little explanation as to why I've put myself in a Mommy Timeout.

   A little about me first: I am a military wife and a stay at home mom to my two beautiful little girls, Lilly and Zoe. I just recently entered my 30's and I'm realizing it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'll always be a New Yorker, but SoCal and New England will always have a special place in my heart (Not New England's sports teams though! Go Yankees and NY Giants!! (and the San Diego Chargers, but shhhh don't tell my husband)). I love anything make-up, beauty and fashion related. You will most likely never see me without mascara or nail polish on. Health and wellness are two things I strive to keep a priority in my life and my families. I love cooking (just recently I've found this passion),  DIY, and Home Decor related things. I wish I was Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray mixed into one. Sadly I am not, but I try! And Pinterest has been my BFF along the way. Coffee keeps me going most days and if you don't see me with a cup first thing in the morning, beware. 

  My girls take up a lot (if not all) of my time and after 2 years of being a SAHM (I worked full time until we moved to New England in 2012) I started to feel like I was losing 'me' in my everyday life of being a house wife and SAHM.  I got to thinking one day that I really just need sometime to myself a few days a week. I needed a Mommy Timeout.  I wanted my timeout to be something that made me use my brain in a way that didn't revolve around changing diapers, chasing kids around or cleaning up the mess my girls made; over and over again. So I decided to make this blog and my YouTube channel. Hopefully this will be a way to connect with other Mom's out there that have been in the same boat and have the same interests as me. I feel like in order to have a happy home, Mom really needs to be happy too. And this is my happy place. I hope you find my timeout a happy place too.  

  Thank you for stopping by and taking a timeout with me. I hope you leave finding something new that you may love, get that one extra opinion on something you've been wanting to try out and most of all, leave feeling a little better because you took a few minutes out of your day to do something for yourself. :)
  See you in my next timeout!


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