Review: Morphe 35O Palette

Saturday, September 12, 2015

  This week feels like it has flown by, yet it has taken forever. No what I mean? We had an extremely busy Tuesday. Got to meet Lilly's teacher, she had her first gymnastics class, and than Zoe took a nasty fall in our garage and now has a nice bruise on her forehead (insert sad emoji face here). Hubby was out of town on Tuesday too, so I didn't catch a break till about 11pm. It was a very. Long. Day. Then Wednesday evening my phone dropped out of my hands and shattered (insert a million crying emojis). Zoe has tossed my phone from the top of our stairs and nothing has happened. It slipped out of my hands and land face down, no bouncing around and completely shattered. WHHHYYYY!!!??? So I spent all day Thursday at the mall, not being able to shop, with two kids waiting on Apple to fix it (and spending a small fortune). It was kind of like torture. Friday was extremely uneventful and quite. Mostly due to the nasty weather we had, but it made the temps drop a bit. Starting to finally feel a little more like Fall (YAY!). I have some new sweaters and booties that I can not wait to wear. And don't forget the darker, warmer makeup tones.

   Speaking of warmer makeup tones, a perfect pallet for the Fall (and for every day use if you are a warm, neutral tones kind of person) is the Morphe 35O palette.

   I saw this palette on Snapchat from Jaclyn Hill and knew I had to have it. This palette has every color that I normal wear and some. I try to branch out in my colors, but I always come back to my tried and trues. To be honest, I'm just not comfortable with wearing bright colors and I don't go out enough to do an over the top smokey eye. My biggest outings anymore are heading to the 'big' mall. A little sad, but this is my Mom life right now.

   Anyways, this palette is going to get so much love from me. And the best part, there are about 3 MAC dupes that I use constantly and one semi Urban Decay dupe. So I wont need to repurchase those colors anytime soon. The dupes are as follows:

   The one color, third row from the top and second to last shade in the row, is a dupe for MAC's All That Glitters. They are super similar in color but not in formulation. The one in the Morphe pallet seemed very dry and almost like a foil. I would recommend wetting your brush before using. It appears to look the same in the swatch, but I did try to wear it and I just didn't like the application.

 The second shade, first row and forth shadow in, is an exact dupe for MAC's Amber Lights. Same creamy formulation.  I don't wear Amber Lights all that much, but it is a great bronzy gold to have in any collection and now I have two.

 And now, possibly the best dupe of all. The one color is in the first row and fifth shadow in. The second is in the second row fourth shadow in. The are both almost perfect dupes for MAC's Soft Brown. The top row shadow is a much closer match, but still, you can't deny what you see. I use Soft Brown pretty much every day. So now that I have a dupe (or two) I will probably never need to repurchase Soft Brown for as long as I live.

      And lastly, it is not really a dupe but a good option if you don't own Urban Decay's Sin. Sin is clearly more pink in tone then the Morphe shade (by the way, it's in the first row and third shadow in). When you look at them in each of their own palettes they look almost identical, but clearly they aren't.

   So those are all the dupes I was able to find. I would look at the colors and look at what I already owned and swear I had more dupes, but I didn't. Which really is a good thing considering I don't want to spend the money on something when I already own it. No what I mean?

   My over all impression of the Morphe 35O palette is I love it. The majority of the shadows are right up there in quality with the higher end brands. They are very pigmented and wear great. If I have to make a complaint, it would be about the packaging. It's just so big that it's hard to travel with and I'm always afraid that the shadows will break because it's not the thickest plastic. But, I think it's totally worth the money. I spent a total of $28 on the palette. That was with using Jaclyn's code, shipping and tax. Not to bad considering MAC refile pans (which is what I have) are $10 a pop. I don't have a code with Morphe so you will have to find one from a YouTuber. I used Jaclyn Hill's but if you have a favorite Beauty YouTuber than chances are they have a code. I was just on the website and it is currently sold out, but Morphe did put out a statement saying it is a permanent palette and will be back. Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date on the palette situation. But I highly recommend checking out their other palettes too. They have some good ones.

   If you've been on the fence about this palette, I hope my review helped you out. If you love warm neutral tones you can not go wrong with this palette.  Let me know if you buy this and what your thoughts are on it. :)

     Thanks for taking a timeout with me and I hope you have an amazing weekend!



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