Off to Kindergarten: Pottery Barn Kids Back Pack

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hi All!

   I hope you had a fantastic weekend (and a good Monday)! Everyone is still getting over their colds in my house. So needless to say it was a very quite weekend. Well except for Sunday when I did food shopping and went to Target. I got to go to Target by myself!! You Moms KNOW the significance to this. I got to get a Starbucks (the Mango Black Tea Lemonade is SO good!), walk around and actually looking at things (this led to me buying a faux leather jacket that I'll be sharing later this week.) Oh, the little things! Haha! I also did a little look-see on back to school shopping for Lilly (I promised her she could go clothes shopping with me so I didn't buy her anything). I mostly just looked at the clothes since I'm pretty sure all she needs is a back pack and a lunch box for Kindergarten.

   Lilly and I already picked out her backpack and her lunch box about a week and a half ago. Picking it out wasn't as daunting as I thought it might be. I use to obsess over the perfect backpack when I was a kid. And although Lilly does care about what things look like, I'd say it took less than a half hour for her to figure out what she wanted. I showed her a few different kinds: Jansport, Disney, the ones at Target, and Pottery Barn. She did have a Jansport one that she liked but when I told her she could have her name embroidered on the Pottery Barn ones she instantly said she wanted one from there.

   I helped her scroll through the site to see which set she liked the best. We ended up with three in our bag and she had to choose from those. She had picked out the Mackenzie Navy Glitter Heart, Mackenzie Pink Geo, and the Mackenzie Plum Glitter Heart.

Mackenzie Navy Glitter Heart Backpacks 
Mackenzie Navy Glitter Heart

Mackenzie Pink Geo Backpacks
Mackenzie Pink Geo

Mackenzie Plum Glitter Heart Backpacks 
Mackenzie Plum Glitter Heart
   Lilly reminds me constantly that her favorite color is blue, so I was a little surprised to not have seen three different shades of blue. Her fist pick was actually the Pink Geo with green straps, they just didn't have the right size left for her.  She ended up picking the Plum Glitter Heart.

   I picked out the small backpack for her. I was really worried it would be too small but it's actually the perfect size. She will get a few years out of it. Which was the intent since the backpack and the lunch box cost more than what I would have typically paid. Lilly was already told she will not be getting a new one for 1st grade. She said she was okay with that, but I'll let you all know in a year if she remembers telling me this. If you are wondering about the size of the backpacks, Pottery Barn has a great sizing chart. But to give you an idea, Lilly is about 43" tall and wears a girls size 6 and it really is the perfect size for her.

Nice and padded with the chest clip

The lunch box fits perfectly inside with room

It can be clipped to the outside to (I'm not a fan of this though)

   Lilly also knew exactly what lunch box she wanted. That took all of one minute of watching the lunch box video. She picked out the Retro Lunch box.

Mackenzie Plum Glitter Heart Lunch Bags

   I was really surprised that she wanted that one, but she said it was just like her friend Lily's from her preschool class. It's got a lot of room and I kind of like that I can put her thermos on the top and not squish any of her food. It seems to have great insulation and looks easy to clean. My only concern is the elastic straps on top will give over time.


   As you can see Lilly got an L on they backpack and her name on the lunch box. I love both fonts but thought her name might be a little bigger on the lunch box. Lilly also picked out the font. One tip on the embroidery, as much as putting their full name on the front of the backpack is exciting, I would only recommend their first initial, last initial, or their monogram. It was pointed out to me once that with their full name on the backpack it leaves it open to strangers calling your kid. Although we teach our children about "stranger danger", one layer of defense can go down with our kids when someone knows their name. This is why her lunch box will never be attached to the outside of the backpack. Just food for thought. :)

   All-in-all I'm really pleased with this set and Lilly loves it. The quality is fantastic (which it should be) and I'm pretty excited to see how it holds up during the year. We also received it within about a week of ordering. They were on sale when I ordered it, I don't believe they are on sale right now but I'm sure they will be again in the next few weeks. I'm thinking I may order the pre-k size for Zoe next year when she starts preschool. Lilly had a 'normal' one from the Disney store and to be completely honest, she didn't need that big thing. She did use it for two years and could have used it again this year, but Kindergarten is a big deal. I had to make it special with something new. :)

   Let me know if you bought any of the backpacks and lunch boxes from Pottery Barn. I've always loved their stuff and I'm very happy with our purchase.

Thanks for taking a timeout with me and I'll talk to you later!


*These products were bought with my own money and is in no way sponsored by Pottery Barn. They don't have a clue as to who I am. Also, the staged photos are courtesy of the Pottery Barn website. :)*

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  1. My son began attending Phoenix preschool at the age of 3, he's 5 now and sadly his last day was yesterday. I do not have any negative things to say about his time there.