Bulu Box Unboxing June 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

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   Thanks for stopping by my timeout! :) I posted an unboxing of the June Bulu Box. Bulu Box is a health and wellness monthly subscription box. The box costs $10 a month, but I bought a Groupon deal and got three months for $7.

   This is my second box, I received my first one last month (I have a video up on my first unboxing). I'll get one more in July and although I do find this interesting, I'm pretty sure I wont subscribe for $10 a month. If I can get another Groupon I might. But as much as I love health and wellness, I can think of other ways I'd rather spend $10 a month.
My June 2015 box
    But moving one, here's what I received in June:

  • UP4 Adult Probiotic: "Designed specifically for adult gut health to support a strong immune system and healthy digestion." This product is free of dairy, gluten, preservatives and soy.($36.95/60 capsules)
  • Xclear Nasal Spray: "Combing xylitol and saline into one hyper-osmotic solution, Xclear Nasal Spray helps draw moisture and keeps your nasal passages and sinuses more mpist and clean than saline alone" ($14.99/1.5fl oz)
  • UrgentRC Upset Stomach: "Don't let an upset, cramping stomach ruin your day. Get fast relief with UrgentRx's convenient on-the-go packs. These fruit-flavored powder packs deliver fast relief without needing water" ($15.98/12 packets)
  • RESCUE Pastilles: "If you're having a high stress day and need fast relief these perfectly packed, on-the-go pastilles can help. Using all natural flower extracs, these tasty little pastilles can help you get through your stress-filled day" ($15.49/2 tins)
  • Food For Sleep: "Seriouse athletes: perform better, recover faster and see results. This 2.5 oz. tart cherry juice drink provides high quality sleep, faster muscle recovery and no side effects." ($24.00/6 bottles)
  • Martha Stewart Essentials Hair, Skin, and Nails: "Nourish, strenght and protect the delicate tissue that makes you look radiant-your hair, skin, and nails. Using a blend of whole-foods, coolagen building nutrients and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, this product improves the health and appearance of your hair, skin, and nails." ($16.99/60 capsules)
   Watch my video to see what my opinions are on everything.


   I am happier with this box than I was last month. I am excited to try the Hair, Skin, and Nails. I've been wanting to take a vitamin like this for a while so I'm excited to see if it really helps. I'll report back in about a month on how its working for me. 
   I tried the Food For Sleep last night. I think I slept pretty well, I woke up feeling good and ready for my day. No strange side affects like "medicine head" that some sleep aids can give you. My only complaint is that this stuff tasted AWFUL!! I think it needs to be cold in order to be semi tolerable. I looked at the bottle to see if it said any where on it that it should be cold and it doesn't. But if you have the opportunity to try it, I highly recommend that you stick in the fridge for drinking it. 

   Well, I hope you found this unboxing interesting (I love watching unboxing) and gives you a little insight on what Bulu Box is about. I have no affiliation with Bulu Box, but if you are interested I do have a referral link. I believe I get a few points (adds up to dollars to use towards full size products in their store) and use code FANTASTIC to get your second box free. :)

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ColourPop Review: Metamorphosis Quade and Lippies

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hi All!
  I posted a video today on my YouTube channel of a review on the Metamorphosis (or Be The Change) quad colaberation between CoffeBreakwithDani and ColourPop cosmetics and ColourPop's Lillips.

   I bought the Metamorphosis Quad and one extra eyeshadow. The formulation is a cream based. I don't do well with cream bases, but with some practice I know I'll get the hang of how to use them. They aren't difficult to use by any means, I just get a little intimidated by them. The quad is gorgeous and the single eyeshadow is just as amazing. Below are swatches of the colors.   

   The Metamorphosis quad consists of Strength, Bravery, Hope, and Kindness. The whole concept and meaning behind this quad is really, well, beautiful. I linked CoffeeBreakwithDani's explanation of the quad in the description box of my video. Just clink the link to learn more about them.

   I also purchased two Lippies from ColourPop. My best friends have a bunch of these, so between them and other YouTubers I've heard really good things about them. And for $5 a piece, I had to try them out. I got two matte shades, Westie and Tucan. Below are the swatches. When these Lippies say Matte, they mean Matte. I had to add a little gloss to both. I love the matte look but I need a little shine and these don't give that.

   If you want to check all these and more out just go to ColourPop's website and take a look around. If you have never placed an order, a link will pop up to put in your email and you can receive $5 off.  You have to verify all your info, but I was able to get the code within 15 minutes of signing up.

   Check out my video below for my full review and description of the products. 

   I highly recommend these products. For the price you can't beat it and the quality of htem makes you under how they are so cheap. I would say ColourPop can sit right next to a high end cosmetic line any day. Also, all ColourPop cosmetics are made in the USA (Merica!!, haha!), THey are based out of LA, and they don't test on animals. Great company, great products, and most defiantly worth your time to try out. 

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Mommy Mailbox Unboxing

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hi All!
  I just posted a Unboxing video on my YouTube channel.  I'm showing you everything I got in my June Mommy Mailbox.

   Mommy Mailbox is a fairly new box subscription that caters towards Mommy's. They know being a Mommy is hard work and we have our good days and our bad. They want us to start our month off with a smile and feeling special.  I found them on Instagram the same month they started the boxes. And I have wanted to sign up every since. I finally decided to sign up this month because June is my birthday month. I'm turning the big (dreaded) 3-0 on the 14th and I wanted treat myself.

   The box price is about in the middle when it comes to subscription boxes. It was $33.95 for me, but the total cost of all the products range between $55-$85. Nothing is a sample. It's not you typical subscription box where you get a few samples of things to test out with one or two full-size products. Personally, $34 for everything I got this month was a bargain. And I got things I would have never bought for myself. Defiantly a nice treat.

   If you are interested check them out at www.Mommymailbox.com and find them on Instagram at Mommymailbox. 

Watch my video to see my first impressions of everything I got for the month of June and if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe!!


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Going to Youtube

Friday, June 5, 2015

Hi All!!
  It's been awhile but I'm back to let you all know that I've started a YouTube channel. It's still Nikki's Timeout, but now I get to talk instead of write. As much as I like blogging, and I'll continue to do so to keep up with my channel, I love talking. Talking is so much easier for me than to sit down and write. Yes I still have to sit down, set up shop and make myself look half way decent since people are watching me and I'm not hiding behind a computer. But I enjoy that. I've always had a passion for broadcasting, in fact I originally started going to school for a degree in Communications: TV and Radio Broadcasting. So when I sat down and really thought about it, YouTube makes the most sense for me. I had to get over the initial fear of publishing a video for the whole internet world to see. That was literally nerve racking. But it was liberating in a crazy way. I felt like I made one small move towards a goal I have set for myself. I've also started to figure out iMovie and it's actually a lot of fun editing the videos. 
   I will keep posting here to add to my videos in case I missed some information and to just let you know that a new video is up. Thanks for following me and I hope you check out my channel and subscribe. :)

  Here's my very first video and the link to my page. :)